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NEW New new year

It is, isn't it? A brand new year. I'm sorting through the general resolutions that I made last year and this year to make a judgement as to whether I succeded or not. I don't think I did too badly.

This was a clean up and streamline sort of year so leaving the year with more stuff, physical and metaphysical, would have been a sign that I didnt follow through. I guess I did get a Kindle so most of my books are now on one platform and not strewn around the house, though I still have hundreds of books to get rid of. I'm having a bit of peace and quiet at home, so The Bride is either otherwise occupied or I am not generating the problems. Don't know which, but quieter is good. I'm dumping a lot more stuff that I have a sentamental attachment to, which either means I am more at peace or depressed. Henry David Thoreau, my third favorite American Philosopher said "A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone". He also said "Simplify, simplify". I dont want to make the pretense of living a hermits life, but moving in the direction of "Less is more" seems to suit me. On "Housecleaning" I will give myself a C.

I wanted top do something with creativity this year. I was pretty much a failure at writing. I need a muse and noone was up for the job in 2010. That's not their fault. I wanted to do a lot more with poetry and set the goal and just shut down. Same with the book for National Write a Book Month. Just didnt. On the other hand, I did make progress on the guitar and I have been cooking a lot. I got a recipe for a "Blitztorte" and worked with someone who knew what they were doing to make one before the year was out. That and some other things and I am on the road to being an amatuer chef eventually. On the guitar, I have been iffy. I would guess I am 1/4 to where I want to be. Not bad but not very disciplined either. Creativity I would give a D+ to.

Health. This isnt really good. I have dental problems, heart problems, eye problems and hearing problems. Some need surgery. About June, I got fed up. No more Doctors until the end of the year. I know, stuff doesnt always get better until you do something about it, but I had had it. I guess 2011 is a good year to get fixed up. F for taking care of myself .. except that I lost 20 pounds so.. D-.

Sociability. I made a decision to start taking advantage of all of the cultural activities in the area. I do live in Washington D.C. after all. We have lots of good local and National theater, We are a Jazz Mecca and there is more free stuff to do here than pretty much anywhere. I got to see Dave Brubeck and a number of other artists, 4 or 5 plays (Great version of Oklahoma which got rave reviews for the high school Junior who played Ado Annie) Tons of music and lots of getting out. "A" on the "Get your butt out the door and do some neat things". Also reconnected with my brother (now he has lung cancer .. sigh)

Not a great achievement but progress is progress. 2011 is here so the next installment is upon me. I think the theme will be "Get a little discipline and get things moving". This time next year, I hope to write about a little more art, a little more beauty, a little more activity and maybe a new job.

2010 wasnt bad. Hi 2011. How are you? Lets have fun together this year!

Love you all
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