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A new record

I made it through the week and one is left to go before the holidays. Had a girl this week who a lot of 8th graders wanted to jump. I refered it to the administrator who yelled at me and told me to call all of the parents. "I will need their numbers then, they arent my kids." "Hummph. Well you teachers need to do something!" she said. I just shrugged my shoulders and smacked my head. I thought we were supposed to teach.

I have all of my shopping done. Not much this year with fewer family members to buy for. Found out that my brother Danny has cancer, so he will be leaving sometime soon (though maybe he can stick around if prayers are said and cancles lit.) Funny about having reached the age when my best years are behind me (and I didnt do much with them) and my kid is mostly raised. I had the thought "all of my family is going and I am left here." The thought of staying here 20 or 30 more years just isnt much to look forward to.
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