Squantus (squantus) wrote,

Been a long time

Ive been haunting Facebook (I tell my kids it's "My Face" and they figure that I am too old to know anything and dont look me up) and so I havent had a chance to put down more than a few charecters. Mark Twain once wrote to a friend "If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter" so it may not be a bad thing for my craft.

How am I? I'm being a good sort lately, away from all of the temptations. I'm trying to be a good teacher but the kids are so hung up in their own drama that they arent even mildly interested in lessons. I had a boy today that a little girl in the class had "gone with" and dropped and he was crying, the girl was laughing and 3 other girls wanted to fight her. What can you do to compete with that?

I seem to have dropped poetry for cooking lately though I know I have to hop back on my muse. We will see where it leads, but in the meantime, Livejournal friends, I have you.

Love you all
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