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Pup Pup Dog

It looks like we are getting a Dog. She is a Black Lab Mix (a mix of some pointy type of dog) very pretty and very well mannered. We will fix that I am certain.

I have a very rich fantasy life, I have come to find out. The pup's current name is Starbright, but that will change. All of our cats are Piewacket and all of our dog's names start with a C. Crosby, Cerbe and now Cassiopeia. Well it is a bright star, or many of them, and we will probably just call her Star as we spoil animals unmercifully.

Part of the rich fantasy life is the Dog mythology of the household. Our first pup came with us to our current house and we have a lot next to our yard that we call the "Third Acre Wood" (I am partial to Pooh don't you know). To make Crosby feel more at home, I declared that the wood was forever after a Queendom for Pups, and as such, gave the dog a royal monicur (pun intended). She was succeeded by Cerbe I and then, after poor Cerbe, the sweetest pup ever, passed from a heart attack, the land has been under the regency of a cat. Now Starbright, after a short but appropriate waiting period will be crowned Cassiopeia, Queen of the Third Acre Wood, with all rights including treeing the squirrels and pooping wherever she wishes. Last fall we had 3 deer living there, so I suppose she will be responsible for them too. It may be a lot to ask of a pup, but, times being what they are, she should be lucky to have such a high prestige job.

Star is 3 and has had a couple of homes. Her current family has a daughter who loves the pup but is very allergic. I am afraid that I may have mild allergies but, it is only for the next 14 or so years so I can survive. Besides, the land needs a new queen.

Love you all
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