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My Mom passed away a year ago Thursday. I still miss her. I was feeling a bit guilty about missing the anniversary. I thought about her every day this week except Thursday. Maybe it's appropriate. She decided to go at a moments notice, even though she waited 6 months to get there. It's hard to explain. It was her way of doing things. I suppose I thought about her every day for 6 months up until that time. I really do miss her. I would love to go upstairs and see her at the kitchen table and just drink some coffee and have a talk.

I'm stuck at the start of phase 2 of "Get Jeffy back on track". I've cleaned out everything toxic that doesn't need major surgery to get rid of, I've set concrete goals, I've got things in place to change jobs (still teaching but at the High School level, and still in the ghetto) and I have been pushing at starting the phase 2 goals (physical health, mental health and talents) but so far, except for more aggressive reading and cultural things, I haven't turned any of the other activities into habits. Soon. Maybe the snow will melt and I can dive into some things with a vengeance.

A friend of mine wrote on her blog about reconnecting with her spiritual side in a concrete way. I didn't think this was needful on my part but it set me thinking. Then again, I don't need more unfulfilled ambitions at the moment, but maybe...

Anyway, that's what is going on in my noggin. Hope yours is as clean as my bank account.
Love you all
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